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Gustave-Jean Dupasquier (1876-1954)
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This woodcut is by Neuchâtel painter and draughtsman Dupasquier. Born in Fleurier in 1876, he attended the studios of artists Luc Olivier Merson and Jean-Paul Laurens in Paris between 1897 and 1899. He later returned to Neuchâtel and painted many still lifes and watercolors of Jura plants. This engraving, characterized by a density of black, depicts two nocturnal nude bathers at the edge of a pond. This work was presented at MBAL as part of the exhibition la scia del monte ou les utopistes magnétiques (2024), which explored the legacy of Monte Verità. The woodcut was displayed in dialogue with Swiss artist Una Szeemann’s She Who Wanders at Night, which depicts Hecate, the goddess of night, women and witches.

Woodcut, inv. 90