la scia del monte or the magnetic utopians



the magnetic voices

in response to the dystopian scenarios confronting our contemporary society, the mbal has chosen to celebrate utopia through the legacy of the mythical monte verità, swiss cradle of the avant-garde, revered worldwide. this magnetic oasis on the monescia hill in ticino was home to the first alternative, naturist, feminist and vegetarian colony in the early 20th century, a precursor of the counter-culture movements that followed, and has seen a succession of anarchists, thinkers and artists pass through its doors over the years. consecrated by visionary harald szeemann’s exhibition monte verità. le mammelle della verità (1978), the hill is still today a place of pilgrimage that awakens, enlightens and consoles. but what remains of the utopias that gravitated around this “bermuda triangle of the spirit” ?

created in collaboration with the fondazione monte verità, the exhibition la scia del monte (the trace of the mountain) or the magnetic utopians brings together 26 contemporary artists, whose creations have been inspired by monte verità and its surrounding aura, to resonate with the genius of the place and its female figures. the exhibition offers an eclectic and captivating dialogue between nature, art and spirit, questioning the notion of the “reform of life” desired by the precursors. exploring all media and techniques, from video art to artificial intelligence, installation, sculpture, painting, photography, engraving, sound and fabric, the exhibition underscores the importance of switzerland as a home for free spirits and iconoclasts.

with :

mbal collection

fondazione monte verità collection

tonatiuh ambrosetti

riccardo arena

marco cordero

oppy de bernardo

fabrizio dusi


filippo filliger & dorothée thébert

olga fröbe-kapteyn

francesca gagliardi

johanna gschwend & mortiz hossli

maria guta & lauren huret

maya hottarek

lisa lurati

ingeborg lüscher

giaime meloni

luca mengoni

stéphane mercier

pascal murer

elena muresu

una szeemann

the cool couple

sophie taeuber & jean arp

marco useli

marianne werefkin

mary wigman 

curation :

federica chiocchetti (mbal) and nicoletta mongini (fondazione monte verità)

with the support of :