Alex Prager (*1979)

Born in Los Angeles in 1979, self-taught photographer Alex Prager draws inspiration from her hometown and Hollywood cinema to compose cinematic images. Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, Prager weaves complex narratives into vividly colored, meticulously staged  compositions. This photograph is part of her “Week-End” series, where each image, named after the woman represented, tells her story. In this series, Prager captures a world that appears real yet is entirely fictitious, delving into the intimate moments of these women within a 1950s aesthetic. The artist highlights their vulnerability, portraying them in isolation, immersed in their own realities. By featuring enigmatic characters with suggestive facial expressions, as in the photograph Lois, where a woman stands alone on what appears to be the side of a road next to her broken down car, Prager invites viewers to explore their own voyeuristic tendencies and imagination. This work was shown at MBAL during the Alex Prager exhibition (2018-2019).

Photograph , inv. 2020-0462