Ina Jang

Ina Jang (b.1982), a South Korean artist based in New York, is invited to exhibit her latest project. Through her new series she explores the theme of feminine identity with reference to the fashion image that she also cultivates in her work. Made from images found on Japanese magazine websites, the Utopiaseries features silhouettes of female bodies in suggestive poses. The artist did not modify the poses or the hair, but we find her signature in the technique of collage and the color treatment.

With Utopia, Ina Jang questions the stereotypes tied to the representation of the female body. Her singular photographic language allows us to divine an oneiric universe, where play on perceptions, textures, and forms is fundamental. Her catalogue of silhouettes offers up the gaze of a young artist of the 21st century who seizes the female nude, a genre with a long tradition dating back to painting that has been valued by photographers since the invention of the medium in the 19th century.

Ina Jang is represented by Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich. On the occasion of the exhibition, MBAL is publishing an interview with the artist, the fourth issue of the series « Could you talk about… ».