Stéphane Dafflon



With the fresco by Swiss painter Stéphane Dafflon (b. 1972), MBAL is kicking off a new series of semi-permanent exhibitions created in situ. Dafflon is one of a number of Swiss artists commissioned by MBAL to create a unique work of art tailored to the museum’s architecture. PM070 is therefore the first of a series to be featured on the walls of MBAL café, which, visible from outside the building, create a visual link with the public. Dafflon’s work – a clear and precise geometric grid – was designed on a computer and then transposed from the virtual to the physical world. He alternates broad lines of cold and warm hues, in keeping with the minimalist, abstract approach and bold use of color he is known for. The result is a subtle palette of color that changes with the sunlight, creating a sense of depth.

Stéphane Dafflon is represented by the Xippas gallery (Geneva, Paris, Montevideo and Punta del Este) and by the Francesca Pia gallery (Zurich).