Ruba Abu-Nimah


Where did everybody go ? And what the fuck did YOU do during Covid-19?

New York has changed dramatically after being seriously impacted by the pandemic. After seeing its streets emptied, its inhabitants have regained possession of public spaces, but everything is now very different. Living in the centre of Manhattan, Ruba Abu-Nimah, graphic designer and creative director working with some of the best-known fashion photographers, decided to document the city with her phone camera. From the calm to the hustle and bustle of the streets, first with shock then with fascination, she recorded the transformation of her city. Ruba Abu-Nimah accepted the invitation of MBAL and created an installation that follows the story of this unprecedented year, mixing her images with those of New York teenagers who explored the streets of the city with her.

An interview with Ruba Abu-Nimah by Joël Vacheron was featured in the «Could you talk about…» series published by MBAL.


Ruba Abu-Nimah (1966), a Swiss citizen of Palestinian origin, who was trained in London, Brussels and Paris, and has lived in New York for 30 years, is creative director of American cosmetics brand Revlon. Previously, she was global creative director at the famous cosmetics company Shiseido in Japan, which she helped rebrand. Winner of several awards, she has also worked for Nike, Bobby Brown and American ELLE for which she was the very first female creative director. From social media to advertising, product packaging and store design, Ruba Abu-Nimah’s work is not limited to the creation of visuals but offers a holistic vision to the brands she works with.