Ljubodrag Andric



The work of Ljubodrag Andric, exhibited in Switzerland for the first time, has closer links to the history of painting than of photography. The artist photographs walls in different cities around the world yet this is not what we remember from his works, which are devoid of any human presence or information about their environment. These images invite us to go beyond the visible details (marks on concrete, irregularities in the bricks, dirt). The interchangeability of colours and light is central to Andric’s work. He also deals with materials, textures, lines, symmetries and surfaces. As for the meaning to be ascribed to these images, it is shrouded in mystery and is happy to hide from us.

Ljubodrag Andric was born in Belgrade in 1965 and this exhibition forms part of the 2017 Printemps culturel programme in Neuchâtel, which this year spotlights the Balkans.