La Salamandre


The MBAL is delighted to inaugurate the new MARIE-ANNE CALAME room, where exhibitions, workshops and meetings take place on a regular basis. Named in homage to Marie-Anne Calame, an emblematic figure from Le Locle who in 1815 founded the Établissement de travail des Billodes for children in difficulty, the space allows children to interact with the theme of the current exhibition. For animal instinct / instinct animal, the MBAL gave carte blanche to the Franco-Swiss publishing house La Salamandre to design the room. The museum is also delighted to collaborate with the Bibliothèque des Jeunes du Locle, which is presenting a new selection of books related to the exhibition.

Meet Switzerland’s 3 big predators: the wolf, the lynx and the bear !

Often unloved, they are nonetheless essential to the balance of nature and its ecosystems!
How do wolves find their place in a pack? Why does the lynx have hair brushes on its ears? What’s a bear’s favorite snack? Explore the exhibition to find out what’s true and what’s false about these animals. With a selection of double-page spreads from La Petite Salamandre and La Salamandre Junior, the magazines published by La Salamandre for the very young, these 3 furry creatures will no longer hold any secrets for you !