Guy Oberson

Naked clothes : After Arbus and Mapplethorpe

Opening on Saturday February 17th, at 6 pm

One cannot look at the works of Guy Oberson (1960) absentmindedly. A force emerges that forces the visitor to linger. One’s vision becomes capable of discerning forms little by little, just like how, in the dark, it becomes accustomed to the darkness. Painter and drawer, the Swiss artist has a preference for pierre noir drawing, and it is not uncommon for him to take as a model photographs of his own or from the press. Here, Oberson draws on the works of famous American photographers Diane Arbus and Robert Mapplethorpe. His drawings and paintings are a laying bare – a dive into the intimacy of beings revealed through clothing, accoutrements, or places of private life.

Naked Clothes is produced in collaboration with Galerie C, Neuchâtel.