François Berthoud


For Fashion

The Museum of Fine Arts in Le Locle is devoting its summer exhibition to François Berthoud, one of the most important illustrators of contemporary fashion. Born in 1961 in Le Locle and settled in recent years in Zurich, François Berthoud began his career in Milan before becoming recognized internationally. The big fashion houses regularly call on this talented illustrator who combines traditional printmaking techniques such as linocut, with modern digital tools. The characteristics of his drawing, a varied palette of colours and the exploration of different printing techniques have become his trademark. Sensual and provocative, his illustrations are published in such prestigious magazines as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New Yorker, Visionaire or the New York Times Magazine. Beyond the utilitarian interpretations which Berthoud provides for the international brands, his images have a lasting quality and unite art and fashion. After Milan, London and Zurich, this haunting work can finally be admired in the hometown of the artist.