Camille Scherrer


Dings & Floats

Opening November 4 at 6 pm

Constantly on the lookout for new fields of investigation, Camille Scherrer (1984) explores the intersections of art and new technologies. Starting from a childhood memory, the Swiss artist recalls the panoramic binoculars through which she observed the landscape during her alpine escapades. The installation Dings & Floats literally plunges the spectator into a geometric universe in augmented reality. This technology, which the artist has been using for nearly ten years, is currently undergoing an unprecedented kind of democratization, with the launch of glasses and other applications for smartphones. Advertisements, video games, science, art, and education, the field of possibilities has multiplied and urges our hyper-connected society toward a more and more virtual reality. Camille Scherrer’s animations contribute to the changing perception of our environment, as they seize the walls of the museum. It is up to the visitor to interact with the device put in place by the artist to make the work appear, as though by magic!

An interview with the artist appears in the series “Could you talk about…” published three times a year by MBAL. The publication series “Could you talk about …” is supported by the Jan Michalski Foundationfor Writing and Literature.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Visuels Vaud, Erna and Curt Burgauer Foundation, the canton of Vaud and Engelberts Foundation for arts and culture.