Symposium on the magazine – MBAL x Club 44

28.04.2023, 18:15

Friday 27 April, Club 44, La Chaux-de-Fonds

From 6:15 pm: opening of the exhibition by Laure Marville, curated by MBAL

From 8:15 pm: “Practices and experiments in the French-speaking part of Switzerland”: meetings with Ariane Dayer (“Le Matin Dimanche”) and Julien Perrot (“La Salamandre”).

For the first time, the MBAL associates itself with Club 44 of La Chaux-de-Fonds to present a series of reflections echoing the exhibition Le Plaisir du texte (25.03 -18.09.2023). During two days, meetings will explore the place and social role of magazines today and the perspectives of its future evolution. Indeed, in a media landscape radically reconfigured by new technologies, the magazine format is being rethought and is undergoing a definite transformation. Yet it remains a key object of daily life, anchored in our society and witnessing its evolutions.

Since the 19th century, French-speaking Switzerland has been distinguished by the density and diversity of its written press. In this landscape, the magazine press will play a complementary role to that of the daily press: articulating in a specific way the text and the image, addressing diversified audiences both geographically and sociologically, this sector is marked by long-lasting adventures (“L’Illustré”, “Femina”) as well as by painful episodes (the end of “L’Hebdo” in 2017). In a period of profound transformations of the media landscape, to what extent does the magazine keep its specificity and its identity?

During this evening at Club 44, we will take a special look at the magazine industry today. An introduction by François Vallotton will allow us to understand the recent history of this editorial segment. Then, the crossed views of two key players in the French-speaking world will allow us to understand the concrete issues related to the magazine press today. Indeed, Ariane Dayer has participated in the editorial adventure of emblematic titles that have marked the history of journalism in French-speaking Switzerland. Julien Perrot, on the other hand, has created a magazine, “La Salamandre”, a real success story. This magazine works against the traditional models and can be a source of inspiration for rethinking the magazine. Because today, in the digital age, the notion of real community and the social benefit brought to a region are important pillars to guarantee the survival of a title, but also its necessity and its influence.

The evening will be moderated by Séverine Cattin, art historian and co-curator of the MBAL, and François Vallotton, professor of contemporary history at the University of Lausanne and media specialist. It was conceived by Federica Chiocchetti, director of the MBAL, and Marc Feustel, author and professor of magazine journalism at the American University of Paris, with the partnership of Marie-Léa Zwahlen, cultural delegate of Club 44.