14.11.2021, 11:00

Sunday 14th November from 11 am

As part of the Triennale, the MBAL welcomes in residence the Neuchâtel collective RIP MACHINA which installs in the museum a hybrid machine printing graphic and typographic compositions through sound recordings! Attend the performance of the artists at the Journées des arts graphiques.

RIP MACHINA is a project initiated by the workshop U-Zehn in 2019. This large format hybrid printing machine create graphic and typographic compositions through recordings or sound signals.

In a transitional era between analog and digital, RIP MACHINA explores the relationships between mechanical and digital printing. If the acronym R.I.P. comes from the Raster Image Processor – soft used in the graphics industry – it is translated for this project into Recorded Interactions Printer. Presented as a laboratory, RIP MACHINA transcribes the sound atmosphere of the places it occupies. It consists of two printing modules. The first uses tools fixed on a 3-axis moving head (CNC), which follows a vector plot. The software allows the head to react according to the sound frequencies transmitted to it, thus modifying the printed line. The second module is based on the classic printing press process. The machine is on its way, PRINT IS NOT DEAD!

Recorded Interactions Printer
2021 Laboratoire #6 @MBAL
Triennale de l’art imprimé contemporain

Direction artistique:
Théophile Glauser (U-Zehn)

Designer Machina:
Joan Schertenleib

Ingénieur logiciel:
Clément Borel

Artiste intervenant:

Sponsored by la Ville de Neuchâtel, la Fondation Culturelle BCN, la Loterie Romande et la Fondation du Casino de Neuchâtel. · ·