Society of Fine Arts

Markus Brunetti - FACADES © Musée des beaux-arts le Locle, 2016. Photo Lucas Olivet

The Fine Arts Society and the Museum

Established in 1862, the Fine Arts Society is at the origin of the MBAL’s foundation in 1864. Since its creation and as the main owner, the Society has contributed to maintain and increase the MBAL’s collection. Consisting of a committee and contributing members, the Society is very active in the MBAL’s development and the cultural outreach. Among its recent actions, there is its decisive role played with Le Locle for the renovation works that have taken place between 2011 and 2014. It also is the MBAL’s main actor and supporter as they cover the interior design or the purchase of furnitures for the exhibition rooms, the coffee shop and the boutique.

The Society finances as well exhibitions thanks to fundraisings and its own funds.



Christoph Künzi

Corinne Bolay-Mercier

Pierre Vaucher

Miguel Perez
Councilor incharge of Culural Affairs

Blaise Oesch

Anne Hasler Choffat
Secretary in charge of keeping minutes

Pierre Bohrer

Bernard Soguel