© Musée des beaux-arts le Locle, 2014. Photo Lucas Olivet

The MBAL is based on public funding from the city of Le Locle. Public and private partners allow it to develop a program to match its ambitions. In 2016, the museum receive support from the Foundation Le Cèdre, the Sandoz Foundation and the Bonhôte Foundation for Contemporary Art.

The City of Le Locle and the Fine Arts Society thank major donors who contributed to the renovation of the museum between 2011 and 2014: the Loterie Romande, the Ernst Göhner Foundation, the Neuchâtel’s Cantonal Bank, Mr. Paul Castella, the Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation, the State of Neuchâtel –  Heritage and Archeology Department, La Mobilière and the ECAP – Establishment of Cantonal Insurance and Prevention.

Our current exhibitions are supported by the Society of Fine Arts and the Museum, the Fondation Le Cèdre and Clientis for its specific contribution to actions of cultural mediation.

Clientis_partenaire MBAL